Use Your English Skills to Work Wherever & Whenever You Want

What is Rewrites by Catal?

Rewrites is an online service for students learning English as a second language who want to improve their writing and critical thinking skills. Based on a “Write, then rewrite” model, our program provides feedback from college students and graduates from around the world who are trained in high-level writing.

Our users are primarily students who attend Catal, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) a private English after school that places an emphasis on teaching useful English skills to Japanese students in primary and secondary education, preparing them for national exams, placement tests, and study abroad opportunities. These students use Rewrites in their weekly lessons.

In many Asian countries, there is a lack of teachers who are skilled enough to provide writing feedback that goes beyond simple grammar and spelling corrections. Our students are in need of strong output skills that will help them thrive in this global society, and YOU can help them!

Helping students improve their English skills will…

  • Boost their overall confidence
  • Help them achieve their dreams which require high-level English
  • Give them an equal opportunity to apply to universities abroad
  • Widen their future employment opportunities

What’s In It For The Teachers?

  • High Salary & Short Work Hours
  • Flexible Work Schedule & Location

You’ll be able to earn more at home than working outside!


Your salary will be transferred through a PayPal account.

The pay will vary upon essay level as follows:

Beginner Level

  • 1st Draft : $15
  • Rewrite : $10 

Intermediate Level

  • 1st Draft : $20
  • Rewrite : $15

Advanced Level

  • 1st Draft : $40
  • Rewrite : $25

Thoughts from our Teachers

The flexibility of the Rewrites program is one of its most attractive points for me. I could do work from anywhere, at any pace I want (before the deadline of course), and save my progress anytime.

I have learnt so many interesting things about my students, even though we've never met. It's always a rewarding experience to see the world through someone else's perspective. I have learnt a tremendous amount from my students.

Through Rewrites, I will be able to understand the experiences of ordinary Japanese students, and gain insight into Japanese culture that I may otherwise never experience.

Several of my students now write significantly more skillfully (whether because of me or not) and I believe it is the Rewrite method that is extremely effective. Rewrites allows students to not only receive corrections, but also try their hands at newly acquired knowledge and connect with tutors.

Y. G.
Yale University
since Oct. 2015

There are some really creative students and I loved having a little window into their lives.

I would recommend this job to friends who are students who need to pick up a bit of income on the side. Everyone on the team is really nice and I found the interaction with students enjoyable.

How to Apply

Fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page to express your interest in our position. To join our program as a teacher, candidates are asked to complete a Teacher Evaluation Test that includes making corrections on a selection of sample essays.

If not all correction requirements are met, a resubmission of the Test may be requested.
Accepted applicants will be asked to complete a New Recruit Trial Period within the first month.

"The Application Cycle is currently CLOSED. Please check back our website in February, 2022."